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March in November [Nov. 18th, 2008|10:41 pm]
Come Freak Freely With Us



Saturday was so much fun. We showed up in volunteer park shortly after 10:30. You could hear the music all the way across the reservoir. You could see the people gathered already. There were a few hundred people there already. Some were gathered around the sign making booth others were just mingling.

A few groups went through the crowd getting emails and passing out post cards to go to the capitol.

After a while more and more people showed up. Everyone was so alive. The speakers finally started. They had lots of politicians including Mayor Nichols and members of the local Religious community. The speechs were so beautiful. Mayor Nichols declared it Marriage Equality day.

Then the march started. Everyone SLOWLY filed out of the open feild and into the streets. There were so many people. I can't describe how good it felt. The signs people carried were all so interesting. There was one I really enjoyed. It was black and white, two people kissing. It said "In 1966 my parents couldn't marry either." That one really stuck with me.

The march went on. Heading towards Broadway with cheers at all those who came out to support the march. Cheers went up so often between the chants. It was exciting to be excited about something. Finally we rounded the turn towards Broadway proper and the crowd of people streached so far, I tried to jog ahead to get some pictures and couldn't catch the begining of the march. At one point we had all of Cap. Hill blocked and most of down town. The News said there were about 6,000 people. I have to agree.

My Husband (</a></font></b></a>kane_blaireau ) and my friend Alex (</a></font></b></a>blacklionessluv ) were there with me. It felt good to have people I care for there sharing that with me.

There was a moment when we stopped on the bridge between Capitol Hill and Downtown. It was amazing... all the people. Then there was the naked lady at the Apartments at 800. Lol We all cheered for her too. As we got closer to West Lake you could see everyone stopped to watch the march. They lined the balcony at West Lake and stood here and there and watched as we all piled in. The Moral "minority" was there too. The shouted their hate speech and we shouted louder. There was suprisingly few of the opposition. Once everyone was in West Lake we all listened to them rally the troops.

I want to March on Olympia. I want to go with them. March 12, in Olympia they are going to march on the capitol. I want to be there. I just kept saying... "We have to do this. When our children ask... we can say we stood up for this... we stood up for love."

I took lots of pictures. I can't wait to get caught up on bills and get them developed.

Then I was too pooped to go to Mali (</a></font></b></a>deliciouspear ) and Jordan's (</a></font></b></a>inventionsleeps ) party. Sorry!!!