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Protesting and the Dogs come barking [Nov. 8th, 2008|01:27 am]
Come Freak Freely With Us



I have a friend that knows a guy who's friends were arrested and beaten at a protest of Prop 8 in Califonia. I know that like three degrees... but look at his blog. It's disturbing.

theinated  was lucky to have been sparred. But this is just what happened during the protests of the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Era.



[User Picture]From: araminya
2008-11-08 11:15 pm (UTC)
This made me so, so angry.

(I have to say though, more people would probably read the blog if you'd actually posted a link to it. Yes, I did find a blog, although I can't know if it's the same blog you mentioned, but I don't think many people will look at a blog if there's no link available to said blog.)
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[User Picture]From: innocentvice
2008-11-10 02:34 am (UTC)
Blah... had a moment. Fixed it.
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